Footgolf Birmingham

Footgolf Birmingham

Match Play

Match Play

  • 18-hole course
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard & forfeits
  • Mini games included
  • £32.00

What’s a Birmingham Footgolf Activity?

Prepare for a day of belly laughing with Birmingham footgolf, a unique activity everyone can get stuck into! Footballs are used instead of golf balls, and your foot is the club. Tee off and get the ball in the hole in the fewest shots.

Situated a short drive outside England’s second city, prepare to bring in some friendly competition as you play against each other to get the lowest score.

Where is Footgolf in Birmingham Played?

Due to the size and nature of these activities, our Birmingham footgolf venue is situated a short drive away from the city centre. For this reason, we highly recommend arranging transport such as taxis or private lifts to-and-from the venue on the day.

Is Birmingham Footgolf Good for Stag & Hen Parties?

They certainly are! As this is known for being a fun, light-hearted and easy-to-learn activity even for the absolute beginners, anybody can come along and have a go at this crazy new sport. Footgolf in Birmingham is really popular for stag do's.

How Much does Footgolf in Birmingham Cost?

The price of your event will depend on what playstyle you want to try out. We have a couple listed above with a short explanation of the differences between them. In general, footgolf in Birmingham is an inexpensive and extremely fun way to do something unique without breaking the bank.