Footgolf Bournemouth

Footgolf Bournemouth

What Does a Bournemouth Footgolf Event Look Like?

Try something totally new with a day of Bournemouth footgolf. Whatever brings you to the sunny south coast of England, you will get to play through a fantastic venue, trying to achieve the lowest score out of everyone else on each hole. Tee off with a football and try and get the ball in the massive hole in the fewest shots.

Where is Footgolf in Bournemouth Played?

As we host this activity at large, purpose-built venues, you can expect to play footgolf near Bournemouth, just a short drive from the town centre. For this reason, it is advisable to arrange taxis or transport to-and-from the venue on the day once your event has been booked.

Is Bournemouth Footgolf Good for Hen & Stag Parties?

Yes, it is! This new and exciting sport is a massive hit with party-goers looking to spend the last weekend of freedom in style. Another reason for its popularity is that almost anyone can play this sport, even with prior knowledge or experience with football or golf.

How Much does Footgolf in Bournemouth Cost?

Whilst the price of your event depends on the playstyle you’ve chosen, this activity is budget-friendly. It won’t cost a fortune to get involved, making it one of the most popular activities for groups across the country. Take a look above at the different types of play you can opt for.