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Footgolf Liverpool

Footgolf Liverpool

Match Play

Match Play

  • 18-hole course
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard & forfeits
  • Mini games included
  • £32.00

What happens on a Liverpool Footgolf Experience?

This wildly popular activity is just like golfing but using your feet & footballs instead. On the day of your event, make your way to the footgolf course in Liverpool where you’ll be supplied with your scorecards, pencils and footballs before cracking on with the first tee-off! Once you’ve made your way around, count up your scores after everyone has finished the final hole… remember, the player who took the least kicks will be named the winner.  If you choose our match format then you'll get an co-ordinator who will also play extra games and forfeits.

Is Footgolf in Liverpool Popular with Stag & Hen Parties?

It certainly is! Being such an easy sport to learn and get the hang of many people opt for a day of Liverpool footgolf even if they’ve never tried it before. You also don’t need to know or have any experience with either game beforehand, so almost everybody can take part and make some awesome memories.  Footgolf in Liverpool is a stag do favourite with many groups adding it to their weekend.

Where Does Liverpool Footgolf Take Place?

Hosted at a full-sized venue, these are predominantly located outside the city centre, often a short drive away. Once we confirm the exact location with you, we would recommend sorting out transport for you and your group to get you to-and-from the venue on the day.

How Much Does Footgolf in Liverpool Cost?

The great thing about this sport is that it’s cheap to get started! Whether it’s a one-off or you’re looking to turn this into a bit of a regular thing with your mates… take a look at the different playstyles that we can offer you above (prices vary).