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Footgolf Swansea

Footgolf Swansea

Match Play

Match Play

  • 18-hole course
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard & forfeits
  • Mini games included
  • £32.00

What’s Happens During a Swansea Footgolf Experience?

Take to the fairway to drive the football onto the green and into the hole. With scorecards to keep track of kicks, the less you take the better your score is! By the end of the final hole, tally up and see who the winner is!  Some of our formats include mini games and a co-ordinator to manage the event play some extra forfiets and challenges.

Where Does Footgolf in Swansea Take Place?

We run the session at footgolf courses in Swansea.  It is more than likely that your event will be located a short drive outside the city centre, so we would highly recommend sorting out transport for you and your group once the location has been confirmed by us.

Is Swansea Footgolf Expensive?

You might already have a price in your head, but footgolf is an activity that’s both inexpensive to set up and to play, possibly one of the reasons why so many people love it! We offer two different prices depending on how you want to play on the day of your event (have a look above), so the choice is also up to you.

Is Swansea Footgolf Good for Hen Parties & Stag Dos?

It certainly is, yes! To be truthful, stag and hen groups are obsessed with this activity! One reason is that this sport is both easy to learn & play, meaning that groups of all shapes, sizes and ages can take part and have a great time.